A fascinating 10 night adventure trip. Combines a few days exploring the rainforests of Belize in San Ignacio with the lovely tropical island of South Water Caye on  the Southern Belize Barrier> Reef Global Travel
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Belize: Inland & Island
Adventure Tour

10 nights / 11 days
San Ignacio, Belizef

Belize: Inland and Island Adventure Tour

This tour combines a few days exploring the emerald mystique of the rainforests teeming with wildlife and mystical Mayan temples and an idyllic tropical island on the Southern Belize Barrier Reef.
tour to Belize, San Ignacio and South Water Caye

Day 1 - Off to the Rainforest! - (D)

Meet & Greet on arrival at Belize International Airport and transfer up the Western Highway to the beautiful rainforest area of San Ignacio near the Guatemalan border with a stop along the way at the small and informal Belize Zoo.

3 night stay at Gumbolimbo Village Resort nestled in the jungle in the Cayo District, 7 miles from the bustling twin towns of Santa Elena & San Ignacio. This comfortable resort is located only 2 miles from the Western Highway on the Mountain Pine Ridge Road, centrally located to many major Mayan archaeological sites and caves, and other attractions in Belize.

wonderful wildlife in Belize

Day 2 - Mysteries of the Maya - (B,L,D)

Whilst Europe was deep in the "Dark Ages", the inhospitable and hostile jungles of Central America were being transformed into the home of one of the World's great civilisations. Temples, Pyramids and Palaces were built by peasant farmers and slaves without the benefit of beasts of burden or even the wheel. These were painted in the sacred colours of the Maya; red, blue, yellow and green and were ruled over by immensely powerful Kings who were regarded as living Gods by their subjects.

Today you will explore the realms of the mysterious Maya people as you visit two of Belize's favourite ancient Mayan sites in the company of an expert guide. Firstly, a stop will be made at Cahal Pech, once the home of a Maya Royal Family, and Xunantunich which is reached by crossing the Mopan River by hand-cranked ferry. After the guided tour there will be time to explore and climb the ruins which are great for panoramic photographs. xunantunich maya temples in San Ignacio, Belize

A fascinating 10 night adventure trip. Combines a few days exploring the rainforests of Belize, the amazing Temples of Tikal  with a lovely tropical island on the Southern Belize Barrier Reef. After lunch you will enjoy a relaxing end to the day, a Canoe Trip down the Macal River where you will see iguanas sunning themselves on the overhanging branches along the river banks.

Tropical birds populate the treetops, and villagers still wash clothes along the river's bank, giving you a glimpse of real life in this part of the world.

CLIENT COMMENT:   "Ann, Thank you so much! We had such a wonderful time in Belize! Everything was perfect.... it was a memorable vacation for all of us. The Rainforest adventures were particularly fascinating. Again, thank you so much for all your help.."  Theresa Dolloff (and family)

Day 3 - The Temples of Tikal - (B,L,D)

After breakfast you will be transferred by road over the Guatemala border to the Tikal National Park. Hidden for 1,000 years in the midst of rainforests teeming with wildlife are enormous ceremonial cities with magnificent Temples and Pyramids built by the mysterious Mayan people. Of the park's 222 square miles only 10 square miles of central Tikal has been mapped and over 3,000 separate buildings have been revealed: temples, shrines, ceremonial platforms, residences, ball courts, terraces, causeways and plazas.

temples of tikal, guatemala

THE TEMPLES OF TIKAL in the Peten region of Guatemala is the most fabulous site of all!

Imagine the ceremonies where human sacrifices were offered to the Gods.
Listen carefully and you will hear the still-beating heart of a dying Civilisation . . .

temples of Tikal, Guatemala

"America, say historians, was peopled by savages; but savages never reared these structures; savages never carved these stones." John Lloyd Stephens, Explorer (1839)

Day 4 - The Hummingbird Highway - (B,L,D)

After breakfast you will transfer down the most scenic road in Belize, The Hummingbird Highway, with stops en route.

An Exciting tour of Belize and Guatemala. Explore the Emerald Mystique of the Rainforests of Belize teeming with Exotic Wildlife and Hidden Mayan Temples & Pyramids on anInland Adventure Tour and then Relax on the Reef on South Water Caye on the Southern Belize Barrier Reef The first highlight is a drive around the Capital City, Belmopan, past the most important buildings, then on to the Inland Blue Hole where you will make a brief stop. The drive continues through beautiful jungle scenery, past the Citrus Plantations of the Stann Creek Valley to Dangriga on the Caribbean Coast of Southern Belize.

Time permitting a stop can be made at the recently opened Garifuna Museum.

Barrier Reef Bliss

Belize: inland and island adventure tour Late afternoon a boat will whisk you South Water Caye, an idyllic tropical island. These island were a useful hideouts in bygone days for pirates and buccaneers.

7 night stay at Blue Marlin Lodge in Belizean-style island accommodation situated on a beautiful beach overlooking the crystal-clear waters of the Southern Belize Barrier Reef.

The island falls within the Southwater Caye Marine Reserve which has been designated a World Heritage Site.

MEALS: Three delicious meals every day including fresh seafood, fresh fruit and home baking. The excellent cooks will make sure you dont go hungry!!!

escape to paradise in Belize
NON-DIVERS : Sunbathing, Swimming, Snorkelling or lazing in a hammock with a Caribbean Rum & Coke!

SCUBA DIVERS: All boat dives are drift dives because this section of the barrier reef is without any permanent moorings due to the small number of divers who are able to visit these private islands in the South.

The Southern Belize Barrier Reef offers access to some of the most spectacular wall dives, ocean drop-offs and amazing marine life anywhere in the world.

Wall dives range from 30 to 120 feet with water visibility averaging 80 to 100 feet and water temperatures between 75 to 85 degrees year around.

diving at Blue Marlin Lodge, Belize Barrier Reef

FISHING: Belize is known as a top destination for sport fishermen from around the world. The variety of different species as well as the numerous types of tackle used provides a wide selection of activities for both the novice and the expert fishermen.

fishing at Blue Marlin Lodge, Belize

South Water Caye is an Angler's Paradise. Behind the island spreads a large lagoon full of coral reefs and seagrass beds. Huge schools of bonefish spread out over the lagoon. Tailing these large bonefish schools will provide hours of fly-rod action a few steps out of your room. Bonefish can normally be caught in the shallows from November to March.

fishing at Blue Marlin Lodge, Belize

Your experienced guides can take you to visit neighboring flats in the mangrove and by the Sittee river mouth for Snook, Permit and Tarpon. Tarpon is most abundant from February through August in the many rivers along the coast.

fish the southern Belize barrier Reef of Belize Deep-sea fishing for big game fish is a favorite at Blue Marlin lodge. In fact, the name for the lodge came from a blue marlin caught right in front of the island by the lodge owners before the lodge was even operational. Besides blue marlin, there are many other oceanic species that can be caught right off the island, including yellowfin and blackfin tuna, mackerel, bonito, wahoo, white marlin and sailfish. Most of these oceanic species can be caught year around at the Blue Marlin Lodge.

Reef fishing is good year around also. Barracuda is a guaranteed catch near the edges of the reef crest along many of the cuts through the barrier reef. Other species frequenting the reefs of the lagoon are grouper, snappers, and many different species of jacks.

Blue Marlin's experienced fishing guides can arrange for various angling adventures. Whether you're deep sea fishing or fly fishing the flats, Blue Marlin is rigged to handle the request.

You can also expect to eat what you catch. The cooks at the Blue Marlin Lodge are use to waiting for the catch of the day to come in before preparing your evening dinner.

Remember that all the joy and fun associated with the oceans can be found here at Blue Marlin Lodge. Any kind of fishing - spin, fly or trolling - can be enjoyed year around. The abundance and variety of fish guarantees that you will have an excellent time sport fishing. Some of our guest have left saying that ...it is impossible to go fishing in Belize without catching something".

Day 11 - Departure - (B)

Unfortunately it is time to pack your bags and transfer to the mainland for the short commuter flight from Dangriga to the International Airport to connect with your homebound flights. For those with a little more time to spare we can easily add on extra days on the island.

An Exciting 10 night tour. Explore the Emerald Mystique of the Rainforests of Belize teeming with Exotic Wildlife and Hidden Mayan Temples & Pyramids on a 3 day Inland Adventure Tour and then Relax on the Reef on the Southern Belize Barrier Reef

Inland & Island Adventure Tour
June 1st to October 31st 2016
ACCOMMODATIONS Standard Hotel Rooms Deluxe Cabanas
DIVE PACKAGE $2,895 $3,175
FLY FISHING $4,995 $5,175
DEEP SEA FISHING $5,895 $6,075
November 1st Jan 2016 to May 31st 2016
ACCOMMODATIONS Standard Hotel Rooms Deluxe Cabanas
DIVE PACKAGE $3,095 $3,275
FLY FISHING $4,995 $5,175
DEEP SEA FISHING $5,895 $6,075
  • All rates are PER PERSON in US dollars
  • Triple and Single occupancy rates on request
  • Tour can commence on any day of the week
  • All accommodations
  • All road and boat transfers
  • Guided Tours with experienced and licensed guides
  • Domestic flights from Dangriga to Belize City
  • Boat transfers to/from South Water Caye
  • All meals - Full board throughout
  • All our rates automatically INCLUDE 9% hotel tax
  • All our rates automatically INCLUDE, 10% sales tax
  • All our rates automatically INCLUDE any applicable service charges
  • International Flights. See Getting to Belize
  • Departure Taxes
  • Beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Gratuities - at your own discretion

An Exciting 10 night tour. Explore the Emerald Mystique of the Rainforests of Belize teeming with Exotic Wildlife and Hidden Mayan Temples & Pyramids on a 3 day Inland Adventure Tour and then Relax on the Reef on Southwater  Caye on the Southern Belize Barrier Reef

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