Hokol Kin Guesthouse

Corozal Bay, Belize, Central America

Hokol Kin Guesthouse seen from Corozal Bay
The restaurant offers 24 hour service!

Hokol Kin is a Maya Phrase which means the coming of the rising sun. It is a phrase which is perfect for our guest house on the Corozal Bay in Northern Belize. Every room provides a panoramic view of the sparkling Caribbean...and every morning you will greet the rising sun.

Click! With Hokol Kin as your travel base, you will set off on a new adventure every day! You can even experience life as the Maya lived it -- as they still live it -- Hokol Kin will take you inside the homes of today's Mayan families. You will learn first hand how they cultivate land, prepare traditional meals, and pass on the tales of the ancient ones.
Click! All our rooms, including one which is wheelchair accessible, are fully screened, equipped with ceiling fans, two queen size beds, private veranda with hammock, and private bath with hot or cold water. A refreshing sea breeze is included with every room!
Click! There is a kitchenette and sitting room available. Our guest only lounge is outfitted with cable TV, VCR and movies, and an exchange library. The restaurant offers 24 hour service, and is known for great Cheeseburgers.
Click! Situated close to the Mexican border you will be well situated for trips over to the bustling city of Chetumal which is home to the fascinating Museum of Maya Culture.

Come, rise with the sun at Hokol Kin.

Please contact us for more information:
Telephone: +44 (0)1268 541732   Fax: +44 (0)1268 541363
E-mail: info@global-travel.co.uk

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