Francis Ford Coppola's
Blancaneaux Lodge

"I wanted to create a paradise where people could go to enjoy the tranquility of their surroundings ... someplace far enough away but close enough"
Francis Ford Coppola, Film Director

Blancaneaux Lodge is a very special place. Located within the remote mountains of Western Belize, Blancaneaux Lodge is shrouded in forest green overlooking the flowing waters of the Privassion River.

Here amid the pines and tropical foliage Francis Ford Coppola and his wife Eleanor first found this modest forest hunting lodge while hiking in 1981 and for years it was a private hide-away for his family and friends. In 1993 it opened its doors to a discerning public who were looking for comfort and style in a remote and adventurous location.

Blancaneaux Lodge is designed to provide rustic comfort in harmony with its surroundings, and it definitely succeeds.

The luxury thatched cabanas and villas were designed by Mexican Architect, Manola Mestre based on local Mayan homes and structures which Coppola had seen in the Philippines whilst shooting "Apocalypse Now" - the fan in the bar even came from the film set!
The Coppola's also visited antique stores throughout the Caribbean and Central America searching for fabrics and handicrafts to furnish the cabanas and villas with taste and style.

The setting is unbelievable - the cabanas and villas are laid out on a hillside above the Privassion River which besides being beautiful is also useful. In true ecological spirit Coppola invested in a hydro-electric plant to harness the power of the river to provider around-the-clock electricity for the Lodge.

The focal point of each cabana and villas is the panoramic screened deck with spectacular views of the fast flowing river below, its waterfalls and rock pools - ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Luxurious tiled Japanese baths in every room come with a view of the jungle sky.

There are also 6 luxury Villas, with high ceilings, spacious sitting room and tiled kitchens for those who want a little more space and you can even stay in the Copolla Family Villa.

It is a mystery, though, why anyone would want to cook when Blancaneux Lodge boasts one of the best restaurants in Belize, complete with Cappuccino machine, a specially imported wood burning pizza oven and the freshest organically grown produce from their own large gardens.

As Francis Ford Coppola also produces some of the best Californian wines at his Napa Valley Estate there is no shortage of a good quality "tipple" with Dinner.

Tatler magazine recently named Blancaneaux one of "the top 10 resorts with everything" and called it "the last resort for people who don't like resorts." Even the most world-weary traveler will be transported by the beauty of this jungle hideaway, which clearly reflects the vision of its creator.

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