A remote Caribbean tropical island resort
for the ultimate diving and fishing adventure.


Pirates Paradise is located on the northeast side of the Turneffe Atoll in the midst of some of the best diving in Belize. With more than 80 logged dive sites, you will experience a good variety of "reef" and "wall" diving. The Turneffe Atoll (approximately 30 miles long and eight miles wide) by itself offers as much diving area as Cozumel, Bonaire or Grand Cayman.

By limiting the number of divers, we ensure a personalized diving experience and a good deal of day-to-day flexibility when arranging your diving.

A typical dive day at Pirates Paradise starts after breakfast with three dives planned for the day. Generally two dives are scheduled in the morning and a third in the afternoon. The dive boat usually returns to the lodge for lunch. Lunch is served on the dive boat when dive site location warrants. A night dive is included in our package.

Most of our diving is done at 40 to 70 feet with a few deeper dives such as the Blue Hole. Pirates Paradise practices eco-diving. No coral or fish are harmed.

Dive Boats:

Diving is done from our 23 ft. fishing and diving boat with 60 HP. We also have an additional 27 ft. boat for fishing exclusively.

Weather and Visibility:

Surface temperatures generally range from 75-95 degrees (average 84 degrees). On the island there is nearly always a comfortable trade wind. Water temperatures average 79-80 degrees in the Winter and 83 degrees in the Summer. Visibility can range from 50-100 feet depending upon conditions. Average visibility is around 75 feet.

Dive Instruction:

Instruction is available at Pirates Paradise through our PADI instructor/dive master. Certification courses include Open Water Referral, and Advanced Open Water Certification. A "Resort Course" for those who wish to experience SCUBA for the first time is also available. This course requires a few hours of instruction and some practice in shallow water prior to a limited number of shallow, supervised dives.

Dive Equipment:

Tanks, weights and weight belts are provided by Pirates Paradise. In order to maximize bottom time, we also recommend that you utilize a dive computer. Unless you are very warm blooded, we recommend a 3 mm wet suit or at least a dive skin. We do not have wet suits or dive skins to rent at the resort. Cylumes are provided for your tanks during the night dive, but you do need to bring your own dive light.

Things To Bring:

  • Your certification card
  • Wet suit or dive skin (these are not available for rent at the lodge)
  • A dive light for your night dive (these are not available for rent at the lodge)
  • Sunscreen
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat for sun protection on the boat
  • Camera, batteries, and plenty of film
  • First-aid medications
  • Prescription medications

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Pirates Paradise is a proud member of the PADI RESORT ASSOCIATION, D.A.N., DEMA, and the BELIZE TOURISM INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION.

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