Many birds nest in the area; Toucans, Jacamars, Spectacled Owls, Ferruginous Pygmy Owls and of course, numerous types of Hummingbirds.

Pook's Hill Reserve has been endorsed by ornithologists as in a league of it's own for birding.


The varied trail under the jungle canopy, through the river and into the Roaring River Valley offers riders an interesting and exciting ride; suitable for both novice and experienced riders.


Swim in the crystal clear jungle pools of the Roaring River or enjoy a "tube float" along the two mile stretch of river adjoining Pook's Hill Reserve.


Pook's Hill Reserve is a delight to explore. There are several well marked paths and trails. There is an information sheet about the plants and trees and a guide is readily available to accompany visitors.


1/2 - 3/4 hour trail. An easy walk through prime jungle and riverside, past the giant Strangler Fig, the Cortez, Ironwood and Mahogany.


1-2 hour trail. A hike under the canopy, between the hills and through hidden plazas. This trail is marked with tape and we recommend a compass or guide, as it is easy to become disorientated in the mature jungle.


An Iguana Rearing and Release Program was set up in 1996. In March 1997, one hundred Green Iguanas were released in the Pook's Hill Reserve and Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve with a further release in March 1998. The Iguanas are housed in an enclosure in the grounds and visitors are welcome to see and learn about them. To fund the project an "Adoption Option" was set up. An iguana can be adopted and named and you will receive an "Adoption Option" T-shirt plus information about the program.


A Jungle Expedition to discover the secrets of the spectacular caves, jungle clad Mayan ruins, yet to be uncovered and the beautiful Roaring River Valley.

An Overnight Camp in the wilds of the upper reaches of the Roaring River. The camp fire, jungle lore and the noises of the wilderness make this a lifetime experience.

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