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Sint Eustatius, popularly known as Statia, is a very special Island which you won't find any where in the Caribbean. The islanders are friendly and helpful and are proud of their island.

The Old Gin House, Statia, St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, Netherland Antilles The Old Gin House Hotel is located on the lower town at the bay. You will find Caribbean charm at it's best. Overlooking the beautiful Gallows bay, the Gin House features a Full service bar were Winston "the Bartender" will make you your afternoon cocktails. The Restaurant serves Breakfast Lunch and Dinner.

The Old Gin House, Statia, St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, Netherland Antilles From the moment you arrive at the Old Gin House you will feel at home. The Lobby features comfortable chairs and is an elegant place to relax, have a drink or read a favourite book out of the midday sun. Around the Pool there is teak furniture and hammocks to help you relax.

The Old Gin House, Statia, St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, Netherland Antilles Fourteen Garden View rooms have a view of the Pool and are styled with 17th Century robust furntiture that represent colonial times. Of course equpped with modern day amenities such as cable TV, direct-dial phones and bathrooms with large walk in showers. All rooms offer the choice of air-conditing or a ceiling fan and tropical breeze to comfort you.

The Old Gin House, Statia, St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, Netherland Antilles Two one-bedroom suites offer superb Caribbean luxury. Located at the waterfront these suites have fine furniture and feature a separate living room, bedroom, large bathroom with bath and separate walk in shower, study, large balcony, fridge, air-contiioning, cable TV, DVD and direct dial cordless phone.

The Old Gin House, Statia, St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, Netherland Antilles Relax at the Pool, go diving or Hike the Quill, our extinct volcano with over 20 species of orchids. Sint Eustatius is located 14 minutes from famous St. Barths and 18 minutes from bustling Sint Maarten. On Statia you'll find an 18th century town to explore, the most fascinating diving in the world and above all you'll find yourself. That's why we say: "Statia is not for every one"

A Little History

Imagine Caribean life in the 17th Century... Tall ships anchoring in Gallows Bay bringing out and loading all kinds of cargo brought in from throughout the West Indies and the New World.   Rum, spices, cotton, indigo, silver and gold. Merchants bustling and hustling in the narrow street of Lower Town amidst the warehouses that were built from cobblestones and lime. The planters in their houses overlooking the sugar and tobacco fields on the upper town and sipping chilled gin in the late afternoon.

With 22,000 people living on this magnificent island, Sint Eustatius was the Gold Rock of the Caribbean. A Dutch Freeport that welcomed all nations to do their trading and store cargo.  During this time raw cotton was plucked and shipped to Statia for refinement. The dark seeds needed to be removed from the white in order to procees it and make fabric.

The process is called ginning and it was done on Sint Eustatius, as ths island had one of the few factories that could handle the process. For obvious reasons this factory was called.... a Gin House.

Life in the 21st Century differs a lot in general but not so much on Statia. The Lower Town has been swept away by high seas and hurricanes but a lot that reminds us today of this 200 year old society is still in place. The Red Brick warehouse that now houses the Old Gin House Bar was used for storing the refined cotton.  The factory used to be on the opposite site, where the waterfront suites are now, overlooking the clear blue Caribbean Waters.

The Old Gin House, Statia, St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, Netherland Antilles Fort Oranje, which is located just above the Old Gin House, is world famous. It was from here that Governor Johannes de Graaff ordered a 13 Gun Shot salue to welcome US navy ship "Andrew Doria" in 1776. With this salute Sint Eustatius becaome the first nation in the world to acknowledge the flag of the Northern United States of America.

When on Statia and walking through the old upper town with its ruins and small Caribbean cottages you will feel that 200 years is not so long ago. The stories of what happened around here still lingers in the air. In all, it is no wonder that Sint Eustatius is called the Historical Gem of the Caribbean.

Statia today is a very quiet island, with only 2,200 friendly inhabitants. It does not have Casino's, Duty Free Shopping and other ordeals that woudl diminish the tranquility of this magical island. Statia offers rest, relaxation, some hiking of the extinct volcano, diving and of course the luxury of doing nothing at all.

"Discover the Caribbean - Travel to Statia !"

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