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Debbie Jones J.P.

Having a reliable contact on the ground in Belize will be an asset to your endeavors. Having been involved in local politics since 1997, the nuances of the various Government departments are second nature.

With a working knowledge of all aspects of the tourism industry since 1992, and dealing with people from all walks of life can smooth any plans you may have.

Debbie has spent many hours on message boards answering questions about Belize, and pointing people in the right direction with all their various needs. This Belize Help web site developed itself from simple requests for information to putting people in contact with the Belizean counterparts, to facilitation and management of projects.

Global Travel relies heavily on the efficient and friendly assistance of Debbie.  All arrangements she makes are first rate.  Having someone of Debbies calibre "on the ground" is most important to us and to our clients.  Knowing there is a local phone number they can call if they need assistance during their vacation is very reassuring. Ann Miles Global Travel England

As an agent representing absentee owners the services she is offering are very helpful, and I will tell you that I sent her a check yesterday to pay my property taxes for me. She has also traveled abroad and is familiar with the way things are done in other parts of the world. I think that Debbie could be on to something, as it is difficult to get things done when you are thousands of miles away. Peter Corselli, L.A.,California

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Help with Property in Belize

When paying property taxes in Belize it must be paid in cash at the Lands Department. A receipt is issued and must be signed for. One advantage is that payment for any land location in the country can be paid at any Lands office.

After receiving land details, a Government issued land tax statement will be sent to you as an e-mail attachment. Stating all monies owed including arrears, interest at 1% per month and balance owing.

After receiving payment a copy of the Government receipt will be e-mailed to you and all the originals will be sent by airmail.

BELIZE HELP can arrange for payment and mail, fax or e-mail the Government receipt back to you. Stress free peace of mind at home, while we do the running around and standing in line.

Property in Belize

The property prices remaining somewhat affordable, depending on the area of the country, the quality of properties available can be attractive, the people are welcoming, the climate is beautiful, and the opportunities in Belize can be more or less what you make it, more and more people are asking how they can go about purchasing themselves a dream home in Belize.

Looking to purchase property in Belize is not a simple undertaking as you may first expect. Real estate agents, as you may know them, are a rarity in Belize, and the majority of property for sale is not advertised. The safest way to find out what's really available is to travel to Belize and spend time there among the local people and the expats. Properties that are for sale are usually put on the market by owners and they often skip the middle man. With no brokers and no signs, the only way you'll learn about what's on the market is to get to know local people and expats and via word of mouth you'll begin to hear about what's really available.

Jumping on a plane and landing in Belize to start a search will frustrate you, and you will not achieve your goals. BELIZE HELP can do the groundwork for you, saving time and money and more importantly stop you from falling into pit holes.


We can help with surveying projects and finding the best surveyors in the area you plan to develop. We work with a group of professional and prompt Licensed Land Surveyors that can be contracted through BELIZE HELP that will assist you in your surveying needs we will oversee any such surveys, documentations, communications and payments.

Help With Construction in Belize

Heavy Equipment

Quality heavy equipment for land developing is scarce, and having the contact to deal with the best and most professional in the business can save money and headaches.

Building Construction

From home to hotel construction, having a reliable person on the ground being your eyes and ears and looking after all those little details will pay dividends. We can help with everything from finding a quality Architect to a reliable building contractor, all to suit your style and needs.

While you are far away back home, and you are in the midst or starting to build in Belize, BELIZE HELP can assist you in supervising construction of your home or resort, payments to contractors and reporting back to you the owner.

Island Construction

The construction on the nearby islands (Cayes) is a speciality, and only a few contractors have the ability to design, move materials and build under these conditions.

BELIZE HELP has experience of island building projects. We have been there, done that and, YES, we even got the T-shirt!!

BELIZE HELP would be proud to be of assistance, whether you are looking for full representation or just some useful advice.
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