front view of hotel Atitlan, Guatemala

Hotel Atitlan, Panajachel, Guatemala
Central America

The Hotel Atitlan invites you to experience the wonders of the mythical Guatemala Highlands. Nessled into the arms of an ancient coffee plantation, with title dating back to 1524, Hotel Atitlan s where Presidents and Kings have come to relax and enjoy the nature for nearly 75 years!

garden and pool, hotel Atitlan, Guatemala The Hotel Atitlan offers award winning gardens, the finest cuisine in Central America, spacious guest quarters amidst a culture that was well established when Christ walked among his followers. It is a place of magic, of memories, of a yearning to return...

The first thing you will notice when entering the Hotel Atitlan grounds is the meticulous landscaping. Fountains, statuary, rare birds, an extensive collection of trees and flowers from all over the world wait to greet you as you stroll the many paths.

pool, hotel Atitlan, Guatemala More than twenty five varieties of Hibiscus, and a dazzling display of imported roses await your pleasure.

The Hotel Atitlan is located at an altitude of over 5,000 feet above sea level. The temperature is always pleasant and cool and has gained the region the nick-name "Land of Eternal Spring"

With sixty-five luxurious rooms and suites, each with it's own commanding balcony, fireplace and views of the lake and its volcanoes, no other hotel can offer the ambiance of Hotel Atitlan.

pool, hotel Atitlan, GuatemalaEach room is individually decorated by Proprietress Susan Rivera and all furniture is designed by her husband, Arturo, and crafted in the hotels own workshops.

Many of the fabrics and artifacts are uniquely designed and crafted for the hotel.

Fresh flowers, breathtaking landscaping are all a part of your Hotel Atitlan experience.

The Hotel Atitlan prides itself on service based upon European standards of quality.

Stay in touch through international telephone, fax, and email services. Complete room service and consierge services are always at your disposal.


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